What Are the Major Types of Construction?

Construction in the Garden Route is a very broad field and many different types of construction are undertaken ranging from residential construction to commercial and industrial. This article takes a look at some of the major types of construction in Garden Route, South Africa.

Residential Construction

This construction type includes both private and public projects. New residential developments, remodels, and repairs are all accomplished through residential building and construction works in Garden Route offered by this industry that consists of about 10 sub-sectors.

The amount of jobs generated by this sector reached an estimated 1.4 million people in South Africa during a five-year period from 2005 to 2010.

residential construction companies garden route south africa

Commercial Construction

The commercial construction industry covers a wide array of projects ranging from hotels to office buildings to retail locations in the Garden Route. In fact, this sector is responsible for the majority of available jobs in the overall construction industry.

As a result, it remains one of the most important sectors in this country’s economy. The South African government has placed a high priority on promoting projects that will define and enhance modernisation efforts in this country.

commercial construction garden route south africa

Industrial Construction

Industrial construction focuses on manufacturing plants, mines and other production facilities that are necessary for these three major sectors. Additionally, it also covers marine works and utilities projects as well as rail systems relating to long-haul transportation.

industrial construction garden route south africa

Agricultural Construction

In the agricultural sector, there are those who specialize in crops and livestock in addition to food processing, ranching and fisheries projects. This industry is primarily involved with construction on farms that produce commodities to be used for human consumption.

The Garden Route has a large construction industry and construction can be one of the biggest contributors to the economy but requires a lot of labour and expertise to be done effectively so is often done by larger companies. This means that most people who enter the industry do it through getting jobs at these companies as labourers and then move up.

This process leads to a lot of people in the industry being professionals but they only have experience in one or two types of construction.

The wide range of knowledge required in this field also leads to a lot of people moving between different types of construction with ease.

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