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Building a braai room or installing a fireplace is a must for outdoor cooking during the summer when the temperature is forbiddingly warm. To attain that, you need the services of the most reliable braai room builders. We can use our vast experience to build for you a modern indoor braai area, a backyard braai area, or a built-in braai.

Remember, a brick braai makes for the perfect outdoor braai entertainment area in the summer when you have no option but to spend time outdoors.

Building Your Fireplace / Braai Area in Knysna, Plettenberg Bay

But why would you want to hire us when building afireplace or braai area? If you want to know the quality of service we can provide, you only need to check out what we can do. Check out the following:

1. Boma

When building a boma braai, look no further than us. Our experienced construction experts understand all it takes to make a perfect outside boma braai. With a garden boma braai, you have the ideal spot to entertain your visitors.

2. Braai Area Cladding

One of the things we know how best to do is braai area cladding. We can tile the braai area and install a braai or fireplace area chimney. That helps insulate the bricks used to build the braai and provides a way to direct smoke away from the site. Since you’ll be doing a lot of cooking outdoors, we can also make braai area cupboards to help you store your cutlery and utensils.

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3. Fireplace / Braai Area with Pizza Oven

Apart from the usual bacon, wrapped pork, smokey chicken, and beet barbecue, what else can you cook in a braai? Your guess is as good as ours, “pizza.” We can build a braai area with a pizza oven to help you serve your guests the best possible meal. Even though it might cost more, the cost is almost negligible, given the benefits you get from it.

4. Lapa

A lapa is an all-around outdoor shelter that provides a helpful shed in the hot summer and protection during rainy weather. We can give you a better lapa experience by equipping it with a braai. A lapa with built-in braai is essential for outdoor cooking and keeping you warm in cold weather. As part of the braai lapa, we can include a side table and sink to simplify outdoor cooking.

5. Patio Built-In Braai

Have you ever thought of having a patio with braai area? Our staff understands what it takes to put together a built-in patio braai. By the time we leave your home, you should also have a swimming pool with fireplace or braai area. You like a pool braai, don’t you?

6. Thatch Roof

What’s the best roof for braai area? While some people may prefer tiles for a covered outdoor braai area, others may want one with a thatch roof. Of course, we always liaise with you before choosing a roof for your braai room enclosure.

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Now that you know all the areas we cover when it comes to braai or fireplace construction and renovation in Knysna, Plettenberg Bay why don’t you go ahead and hire us?

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