Should I Build An Home Addition or Move?

If you’re thinking about home additions or a brand-new home in the Garden Route. In this article, we will go over some of the cost points of both.

To begin with, home additions must be approved with the relevant authorities in your area. This will cost a fee and should be factored into your budget. The size of your addition will affect the price as well.

Small and simple plans will obviously cost less than larger and more complex ones. Location is another factor that plays a big part. A smaller city may charge you less to renovate than a larger more populated city.

The last cost you need to add to your budget is for demolition and any professional you may need along the way. The fees range from 4% – 12% of the home additions cost.

Building a New Home

Now, to change our focus from home additions to building a home. There are some similarities in the cost factors here, as just like with home additions, location and size are pretty important. A bigger location or size will cost more than anything smaller.

The materials used in the build have a huge impact on the price as well as rooms and types of features, such as swimming pools. Professionals will also be needed to add into the budget, as you have people like land surveyors you will need.

The decision between home additions or a new home in the Garden Route can be a big one. Though both of these options have a lot of similar price points, they vary in other ways. With this knowledge, you can make the decision that’s best for your family.

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