How Long Should a Bathroom Renovation Take?

The length of time it takes for bathroom remodels will depend on the size, the amount of work being done, and whether you are working with a professional contractor or doing it yourself.

If you have a large bathroom that needs a complete overhaul, the renovation will take a lot longer than a small bathroom that just needs cosmetic changes. You should also consider if you are doing any of the work yourself. If your skills are limited to painting walls, you might want to consider hiring a bathroom renovation contractor in the Garden Route to do other jobs like installing bathtubs and toilets.

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Here are some things that can be done quickly:

Painting: It can take as little as one day, depending on how many coats it takes for the paint to look even and how much prep work must be done before painting. The more careful you are when painting, the better it will look and the faster it will take for the paint to dry.

Fixtures: Changing out faucets and light fixtures can be done in one day with help from someone who knows what they’re doing.

Tiling: Tile can be purchased in advance and installed in one day if you have experience installing tile. Of course, there will be days of drying time after!

Drywall repair: If you have small holes in your drywall, filling them and sanding them down will probably only take an hour or two, depending on how many holes there are. If your walls are in terrible shape, though, replacing sections of drywall may take longer. You’ll also want to factor in drying and sanding time.

Paint: Painting is a relatively quick job, but again, it depends on the size of the space. If the bathroom isn’t big enough to need a second coat, you can get away with painting just one day (again, factoring in drying time). If you need a second coat, it should only take an extra day or so.

On the other hand, these things will take you more time:

Demolition: There will be more dust and mess when tearing out walls and cabinets. Also, you won’t have access to any of your bathroom amenities during this time. Bathroom demolition generally takes about three days unless significant structural changes need to be made.

Plumbing: Installing new plumbing or moving existing plumbing lines adds an extra week to the project.

Electrical: This can affect your timeline by adding features like heated floors, recessed lighting, etc., but it shouldn’t delay the project for more than a day or two.

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The list could go on, but the point here is: bathroom renovations can be a big, big hassle. So make sure you plan your renovation well. Plan out how long it will take in advance (with the help of a Garden Route home renovation estimator if you need to). And keep in mind that each project is different, and each varies with what’s involved. Your budget and your schedule are also variables that play into the equation.

Above all, hopefully, the above-listed criteria will be helpful when you’re planning an extensive remodel or trying to figure out how long a bathroom renovation should take.

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