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  • Major Renovation (Multiple Rooms)
  • Living-, Bedroom, Office, Cottage
  • Fixing Up an Old House
  • Upgrades & Remodels
  • Structural improvements
  • Interior & Exterior Alterations
  • Home repairs & Maintenance

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Before starting major renovations in Knysna or Plettenberg Bay, GR Building Services will help you create a schedule of works to know how the project will unfold.

A standard schedule of works should include assessing the current condition, tax concessions, structural stability, statutory consents, dealing with damp, demolition work, site access, drains, and significant building works

Other aspects include the exterior, external works, first fix, plastering, drying out, second fix, fixed flooring, final clean, and decorating.

Home Remodelling in Knysna, Plett

Revamping your home is very important if you’re looking to add new functionality or just increase the amount of space you have right now. Our Knysna, Plettenberg custom home renovations are very comprehensive and we always follow the client instructions to deliver spectacular, high quality and very efficient results.

When you work with our home remodeling team, you will have no problem accessing the best, most innovative and efficient interior and exterior home alteration, revamp and improvement specialists in Knysna, Plettenberg. We always keep our costs affordable and listen to our clients and their input. It’s our focus to bring the ultimate value for money, while creating a beautiful environment where you can enjoy life with your loved ones.

Is the House Worth Renovating?

Perhaps you have just bought an old house, and you have no idea whether you should go ahead and renovate it.

The following are some of the things to consider:

  • Does the house have any market potential after renovations
  • Do you have space to extend the house, whether in the rear, side, basement, or garage?
  • What kinds of permissions do you require to renovate the house? Have any homeowners in the neighborhood gotten these permissions and renovated the house?
  • Is the location of the house good enough to attract buyers once you have renovated it?
  • What is the proportion of structural versus surface work? Where a substantial amount of work is structural, the home remodelling project will cost you much more.
  • What are the current prices for ceilings in the area? If ceiling materials are expensive, will renovations improve your home’s value?

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