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Everyone dreams of owning a home at some point in their lives. While many may opt to buy a ready-made or Spec others are more comfortable with building a new custom home.

In the first instance, the builder of the house doesn’t matter. However, in the latter case, you may have to hire custom home builders in Knysna & Plettenberg Bay. Here are a few insights to know when building a new home.

Your Local Home Builder Should, of Necessity:

  • Know what it takes to build a home
  • Pay attention to minute details concerning the project
  • Coordinate different service providers to create a functional home
  • Plan ahead, think on their feet and multitask
  • Have a good reputation with a portfolio of past projects
  • Respond to your inquiries and remain transparent
  • Ready to honour any warranties or snags included in the contract
  • Be trustworthy and service-oriented

Building a New Home in Knysna, Plettenberg Bay

Home builders don’t work alone. They carry out the different aspects of the building project with the help of several local sub contractors.

Whether it is building single-family homes, long homes, Nutec homes, or farmhouses, there is the need for plumbers, engineers, architects, carpenters, landscapers, painters, and electricians.

building a new home

A home builder will coordinate all of these professionals to ensure the building project’s success.

At the same time, the home building contractor will link the local community and other relevant government officials. That means they should know the relevant building codes to know what the authorities allow. In that case, the builder will advise on the requirements by the local authorities for all building projects.

Once they have prepared for the project, home builders then oversee the construction project from the beginning to the end which includes laying the foundation, erecting frames, siding, roofing, installing flooring, construction of walls, installing interior trimming, installing heating, plumbing and electrical components.

Quotation to Build a House

For building prices per square (m2) or cost to build a home in Knysna or Plettenberg Bay don’t hesitate to call or reach out to us.