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Garage Builders in Knysna, Plettenberg Bay

Whether you want a single, double (2 car) or detached garage, a professional garage builder in Knysna or Plett will deliver superb results.

The following are the benefits of hiring professional garage builders:

Knowledge of Building Codes

Professional garage building contractors like GR Building Services understand the building codes you must observe when building anything in your home. Therefore, they will advice you on what to do long before they start working on the project.


It is important to hire a garage builder with extensive experience in drawing plans, choosing materials, and delivering sturdy structures.

Garage Conversion & Renovations

Garage Conversion or remodelling can help create extra living space in your home. As such, you can turn a garage into a bedroom, living room, home office, and so on. While making renovations to your garage, there are several things you should avoid doing.

garage remodels

Estimate Your Electrical Needs

It would help if you thought about your wiring needs to make a garage remodelling successful. An electrician will help you pinpoint where you will install the wires, junction boxes, and outlets.

Framing and Insulation

During garage renovations, you need good framing for appliances such as HVAC systems, light fixtures, shelves, and drywall. It also requires insulation, especially if it initially had all-concrete walls.

Consider Ventilation

Like any other room in your home, a garage needs adequate ventilation to prevent the build-up of rust and mold. Ventilation also helps remove excess moisture from the room and give the insulation some “breathing” space.

Choose the Right Flooring

Most garage floors are made from concrete, which you can cover using floor paint, concrete stains, epoxy, concrete sealer, interlocking tiles, or roll-out floor mats. You can reach out to us here for garage remodelling and conversion services.

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