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While there are many ceiling/drywall contractors in Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, not all of them are a good fit for you. The work involved in ceiling/drywall installation requires an astute contractor who knows what it takes to deliver good results.

GR Building Services provides expert ceiling/drywall installation services from a qualified, experienced, fully insured, and licensed team with guaranteed satisfaction. Whether you need drywall or ceiling installation, our team of professional builders can come to your rescue.

Why Should You Hire Drywall Installers?

Are you a DIY type of person? Drywall partitions are not easy to pull off, especially if you do not have the requisite qualifications. While installing drywall, you may not meet the required standards.

Picture this! Before installing a ceiling or drywall, you need to measure, cut, shape, and hang gypsum slabs. Then you have to tape, seal, coat, and sand the seams and paint over them. In the end, you should have a smooth, flawless wall. Of course, that goes for ceiling boards too.

Besides, it would help if you considered other aspects like drywall demolition, plumbing, and electrical wiring. That’s why you need to hire qualified and experienced drywall installers who understand what’s involved.

The following are some of the services you should expect from a ceiling/drywall contractor:

Knysna, Plettenberg Bay Drywall and Ceiling Installation

If you have a new construction project or home addition, having drywall/ceiling contractors is the next logical step. While a contractor may want to use iso board, polystyrene, rhino, nutec, or suspended drywall, it is upon you to choose the best material.

You need a contractor who can carefully and effectively install drywall for it to retain its qualities, including energy efficiency, fire resistance, and a smooth, attractive appearance. In the end, you should have a ceiling or drywall that looks great and lasts longer.

Drywall and Ceiling Repairs

Even though robust, drywall can get damaged just like any other material. It may experience routine wear and tear, cracks in the foundation set, vermin or rodent damage, moisture damage, and holes caused by blunt objects.

You need to hire a ceiling/drywall contractor, Knysna, regardless of the problem. Our experts provide drywall and ceiling repairs cheaply, effectively, and conveniently. In addition, we offer simple routine drywall maintenance to complex ceiling replacement.

Why Hire Us?

There are many reasons why GR Building Services is your top choice for ceiling/drywall contractors in Plettenberg Bay Knysna.

Here are reasons why you should hire us:

  • Responsive customer service that takes customer complaints seriously and provides workable solutions.
  • Quick, comprehensive, and binding contracts define our relationship with you throughout the project.
  • We have a team of dedicated expert builders who understand the technical staff and the local building codes in Plett, Knysna and surrounding areas.
  • We can communicate with you by capturing your aspiration and incorporating them into the project.

If you’re looking for a ceiling/drywall contractor in Knysna, Plettenberg Bay don’t hesitate to talk to us. We deliver high-quality work to all our customers, no matter how big or small the project is. So sign up for our emails or call us for a quote today.