All About Leisure Island, Knysna

Leisure Isle is the place to go if you want to rest and unwind. Leisure Isle Lodge is a fantastic spot to stay if you wish to see Garden’s Routes and the rest of Knysna’s many attractions. It is near Bollard Bay Beach. The balcony overlooks the lagoon and the world-famous Knysna Heads.

all about leisure island

You may either sit back with a glass of champagne and enjoy the sunset, or you can go for a run. The Leisure Isle Lodge in Knysna is an excellent spot to get away from it all while receiving first-rate accommodation and service.It is a beautiful way to enjoy delectable cuisine while listening to exotic birds and the sound of the ocean.

Food and Drinks

People who visit the beach at sunset may sip a drink while seeing one of the world’s most incredible sunsets. You may enjoy intriguing modern food matched with fine wine at this stylish Lodge. Evenings are spent getting to know one another at pubs and lounges. Because it’s on the beach, you can have a good time without worrying about anything.

You may also experience the sumptuous grandeur in an intimate and inviting atmosphere. You will feel like a royal pampered guest as you relax on the beach at our award-winning resort featuring a restaurant and spa, as well as a bar, library, and a lovely pool.

Breakfast at one of the six outdoor markets at Sedgefield or Plettenberg Bay is the best way to start the day. Customers in the Knysna region may select from various organic home products, ranging from unique amber nectar at Mitchell’s Brewery in Knysna to award-winning honey in Rheenendal.

The Daniela

Daniela’s is a stunning location to dine and a great place to relax, with its gorgeous views of the lagoon, calming music, and romantic lighting. Daniela’s is an excellent choice for a gathering with friends and family, as well as a romantic date. Daniela’s serves meals with a stunning view of the lagoon.

The dining room’s warmth and elegance make every meal more remarkable, and the unusual taste combinations are a great joy to consume. This restaurant’s food is distinctive and delicious because of the variety of foreign tastes and seasonal ingredients from worldwide.

Guests may enjoy a range of champagnes and vintage wines from the wine cellar at sunset while watching the sky change colors. The Leisure Isle also has a Spa that offers a variety of body treatments like skincare and massage for exhausted travelers, passionate couples, and individuals on their own.

On the island of Leisure Isle, you may find everything you need for a seaside holiday. I swam for hours in the ocean’s beautiful pure water. Sunset cruises and park walks are two favorite activities making it a place where families may feel safe and secure, similar to a home.

You may order a gourmet breakfast picnic and ride a bicycle around the island while on vacation. Leisure Isle features an art gallery, a small boat harbor, a nature reserve, tennis and bowling clubs, an antique shop, and undulating grassland. The island is home to a plethora of tiny animals and birds.

The indigenous woodland and surrounding fynbos provide demanding single-track trails for trail runners and mountain bikers. You may also take a stroll and appreciate the tall trees and lush undergrowth in the same way as a leisurely stroller would.

There are several wildlife reserves in the region where you may witness elephants and other creatures in their natural environment. Diving, cruises, deep-sea diving. Deep-sea fishing, whale-watching, diving, and snorkeling are just a few of the activities available in the lagoon and the surrounding Indian Ocean.