Wonders of the Knysna Forest

In the heart of the Dark Continent is a scenic forest region that is highly informative and surrounded by a beautiful culture of African men and women.


knysna forest

Knysna forest is located in a beautiful vacation town, on the western cape of South Africa. Trees dating back to 1500 years surround the dense iconic forest creating an incredibly breathtaking ambiance. The chilly weather of Western Cape is quite welcoming throughout the year and qualifies as one of the best lovers nest.


Knysna forest is dense with loads of trails from the thousands of people who frequent the forest for hiking, camping, research and holidaymakers.

Ancient trees characterize the incredibly beautiful forest, some of which include: stinkwood, baobab trees and real yellow wood. Some of the amazing historical furniture found in Cape Town is attributed to the rich forest.   

Treasured Gems

The lovely forest is a heavenly haven for the forest Moths, Elephants, Buffaloes, Wood Peckers, Rhinos and Giraffes making it a remarkable tourist destination. The elephants in this forest bring out the mightiness of Mother Nature as they leave majestic trails while passing through the dense areas.

Forest View

The incredible forest of knysna has the local meaning of fern leaves, which locals believe to be the power behind the green leafy areas that surround the forest. The amazing green carpet and shrubs offers a scenic place for group camping in the middle of the longstanding forest. A night at knysna, WC camping site is one of those must do rejuvenating experiences.

Birds Life

The Forest comes to life by more than 1000 species of African birds thriving high in the skies displaying the pride of Western Cape. Make sure you visit the forest to witness the meandering flow of the rivers whose banks offer a place for the birds to sing melodiously.

 The forest has a vast variety of indigenous fruits, more than 8000 plant species offering bounty of food for the Birds.  This is the amazing destination to be in for any Birdwatching lovers.


Surprisingly, for such an epic destination, you do not need to break the bank to visit Western Cape of South Africa. The beautiful people of Knysna are warm and love tourists.  If you are a foodie, their affordable local scrumptious foods is a must try! Ensure you take time to enjoy their traditional dances and purchase their jewelry as souvenirs, you will forever be grateful you did!

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