Why Visit the Knysna Featherbed Nature Reserve?

Featherbed Nature Reserve is a must-go location on Knysna’s Western Head; a private nature reserve featured as a South African Heritage Site. Visitors to the reserve can best access it via ferry. It provides a unique echo experience to lovers of nature and adventurers alike.

Featherbed Nature Reserve

If you want to experience the best of this nature reserve, make a point of accessing it via the Garden Route. Whether you like a boat ride or wish to take a ferry to the reserve, you can be sure to enjoy scenic views, flora, and fauna once you get there.

Its location on the Western Head makes it desirable to visitors. Remember, the Western Head is one of two “Heads” or prominent mountain outcrops standing like pillars on both sides of the wild, narrow passageway to the estuary via the ocean.

In 2017, the nature reserve suffered destruction from the great fires. It has since sprung back to life and is admitting visitors. However, you won’t be allowed into the reserve if a local guide does not accompany you.

Formal Tours

The best way to visit Featherbed Nature Reserve is through a formal tour. Knysna Waterfront has plenty of ferries. Catch one and get entertained by a guide as you sail across to the Western Head. On your way, you’ll learn lots of things about the reserve long before you get to see it.

Once you alight from the ferry, you can board a Unimog vehicle, carrying you to the mountain through a narrow passageway. From one side of the mountain, you can immerse yourself in breathtaking views of the little town and lagoon below. Once you turn to the other side, you can view the ocean as it stretches beyond the horizon and even view some whales.


After finishing the tour of Featherbed Nature Reserve, you have the option of hiking down the mountain and along the coast for 2.5km or riding the truck for lunch at the restaurant. On the trail, you’ll encounter greenery, animals, caves, rock formations, and wooden pathways. Some of the animals in this location include the blue duiker and the loerie.

The restaurant serves delicious meals that can make your tour of Featherbed Nature Reserve more complete. If you had taken the 2.5km hike down the mountain, you’d be needing the food anyways.


Featherbed Nature Reserve is open to visitors from South Africa and worldwide. It is exquisite, pristine, and breathtaking. Why don’t you make it one of the must-visit destinations this year?

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